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Your potential customers are already using their mobile devices for many tasks that were traditionally done on desktops and laptops. For instance many mobile users are using their mobile devices to find local businesses. A full 60% of mobile users expect a website to load in 3 seconds or less before abandoning a site and moving on to the competition. While 74% will only wait 5 seconds or less. Only websites that were created with mobile devices in mind can load at those speeds. Only websites with mobile access taken into consideration during construction can load at those speeds because they are slimmed down, meaning more lightweight than there primary counterpart website.

Mobile Search

Mobile search for local business is growing particularly fast with current mobile searches gathering 20% of all searches, projected to increase 50% every year.

A traditional desktop websites do not display correctly on a mobile device causing difficulty in viewing. Usually the culprit is the small font size which makes it pretty much impossible to read on mobile devices. Not to mention the scroll and pinch technique in which users have to zoom, when on the go it can quickly become particularly frustrating. To further complicate the issue, if your website uses flash, rest assure that your apple device audience will be strongly affected, due to the fact that apple does not support flash.

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Just to give you an idea of how serious mobile users take their mobile surfing, 23% of adults have admitted to cursing at their mobile devices when a site does not load quick enough. 40% have given up on websites that do not load quickly, moving on to the competition that does. 57% of mobile users say they will not recommend business with faulty mobile websites.

One thing to take into consideration is that mobile connections speeds are considerably slower due to the fact that most connect via 3G, compared to high-speed internet speed that most desktop users take for granted. Mobile search is commonly initiated while on the go. Waiting for search results are rarely tolerated for longer than 5 seconds.

With that being said, mobile devices being used for local business search will continue to grow steadily, before you upgrade your website or construct a new one you might want to contact SEO Los Angeles services and get it done right the first time.