What is Niche Marketing

Way too many online marketers jump from niche to niche, falsely believing the more ground they cover the greater the odds of them making real money online or creating a quick conversions. Take into consideration the following. As long as the niche you choose is a profitable one, your objectives should be too dig deep until the mine is exhausted. Rather than digging random holes in the ground hoping to find gold under the first foot or two of earth.

Mining a niche involves no guesswork; it does involve some science just as real mining does today. Like modern day mining companies hire experts to take core ground samples to get a better understanding of what lies underneath, the same can be said for Search Engine Optimization. The traffic that you will generate can come from many sources such as, PPC (Pay per click) SEO (search engine optimization – organic meaning the keywords were not paid for) or in some cases article marketing. What most sprouting marketers do when they target a lucrative niche is go after the highest keywords in demand. I am assuming that their perspective is focused narrowly on the obvious, this being "that's where the big traffic is". It might not be apparent but this is a costly mistake.

Keywords that are in high demand are where the potentially big traffic is, this is true. But, where there lay much prey, there lingers more predators. What I mean by this is that, because of the high volume of traffic for certain high ranking keywords lays many high ranking competition. It is going to be more than difficult to compete against people who are dominating Google for those phrases or keywords. Not to mention, have probably been doing so for years.

The difference between successful campaign and a complete failure lies in going deep. Meaning to focus your efforts and labor on the mid-tail and especially long tail keywords. For instance this website, I have found that every person is attempting to rank for SEO Los Angeles Services. I found a niche for seo in Los Angeles which there is little focus on. To chase or pursue this niche I will have to create articles and blogs that follow the path for my new found gold mine. Over and over and over again, I will have to submit articles, post blogs which portray to my niche, you catch my drift? Some of the tools that I recommend especially for beginning SEO professionals is Wordtracker, the link builder and the keyword analysis are very helpful as well as useful. Like I always say, you can only be as good as your tools. There are also free keyword analysis website which you can google or find on our website or use the following link

In conclusion rather than try to get more traffic form the competitive keywords that are probably going to end up going to your completion. Dig yourself a nest away from the main route and attract users. Although it might not be the Las Vegas strip because of less sought after keywords. Rest assured that you will attract more users or potential customers because the completion is less fierce. The least competitive keywords that you and your site can rank high for, the more users you will attract to your site and ultimately a higher conversion rate. The conversion rates will work much better in your favor statistically speaking, simply because on average it takes an estimated 30 user to view your site per conversion. This is the formula that I use which I think is best case scenario, in reality I lean more towards a higher number. To your success, appreciate the support see at the top.